our custom publications: Magazines & Directories

Our custom publishing team offers editorial assistance, advertising sales, graphic design, production and distribution of a wide variety of publications. Today, creating an offline presence is just as important as it always was even in today’s noisy online world. As the core component of a strategic marketing campaign, these publications pave a channel of personal communication between you and your members, customers and constituents.

services: graphic design & editorial guidance

From perfectly bound periodicals and association magazines, to commemorative and special publications, directories, catalogs and cookbooks, Leading Edge Communications leads the way in designing and producing print and digital publications.

Leading Edge Communications helps you create relevant, graphically appealing, engaging, and desirable content for your readership that keeps them coming back for the next issue. The Printing Industry Association of the South recognizes Leading Edge for designing the Notables publication, which features extraordinary businesses in Nashville and Williamson County (Brentwood, Franklin, Cool Springs areas).