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Client: Virginia Turfgrass Council

Publication: Virginia Turfgrass Journal
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Virginia Turfgrass Journal

Targeted Audience of Customers — Affordable Rates — Consistent Message

The shotgun approach — broadcasting your marketing message hoping it lands near some of your target audience no longer works. Virginia Turfgrass Journal, the official publication of The Virginia Turfgrass Council, allows you to narrow the focus and get your message directly in the hands of your customers across the state of Virginia.

The Virginia Turfgrass Council is made up of:

Golf Course SuperintendentsLawn Care & Landscape CompaniesMunicipalities/Parks & RecreationSportsturf ManagersSod ProducersSuppliers

Total circulation: 2,000+


Virginia Turfgrass Council

The Virginia Turfgrass Council serves its members in the industry through education, promotion and representation. The association supports ongoing programs in research, education and extension in the area of turfgrass management that will benefit all individuals who manage turfgrasses or derive pleasure from the results of such management.

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The Shotgun Approach

The magazine is one of the main benefits of membership — providing valuable research, education, and industry information to each member 6 times a year. Sponsorships for the online version of the publication are available as well. Members can access the online version through the Virginia Turfgrass Council website.

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We know that we can always count on you and Leading Edge Communications to give us a final product that we can present with pride to our members and guests. This year’s program was no exception.
The Leading Edge teamwork approach has assisted in taking our corporate marketing message far beyond what we have ever accomplished in the past.
Bill Carraway, The Turfgrass Group
I’m consistently impressed with the quality of the VTC Turfgrass Journal – both style and substance are truly impressive for a state association.
Thanks so much for taking care of me! This is an extraordinary expression of customer service in my opinion and I truly appreciate it.
We’ve noticed a rise in sales in Tennessee where we don’t have too many dealers and in Florida where we are receiving direct sales straight from the customer with no dealer involvement… Overall we are receiving a good response from the ads, everyone seems happy with the results they are providing.
Jason Edson, KESMAC
Our marketing plans rely on getting our message out to the right people.  Leading Edge Communications provides us with multiple options for reaching our target audience.  For many years we have advertised in Florida Turf Digest.  We have seen so much response to our campaigns, that we are now branching out into other publications that Leading Edge offers.  They continue to be key players in our advertising plans and will be into the future.
Justin Wallace, Sod Solutions, Inc.
Liz just sent me the PDF of my first column (QRCA Views Magazine), which was exciting all on its own, but honestly I was transfixed by the cover.  I LOVE IT!! It’s bold, interesting and punchy.  It makes me want to dive right into the magazine. Hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Digital Edition

Sponsorships for the online version of the publication are available as well. Members can access the digital edition through the Virginia Turfgrass Council website.

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