Nashville ad agency’s work: websites logo design & custom b2b publishing

Seeing is believing, and our Nashville-based ad agency is proud to showcase our online website, graphics, & branding portfolio. Experience the final product that a skilled team working in concert with a singular goal can produce. Members of the project team work as one on each advertising project from conception to final execution to project the clients’ identities and messages with clarity and vision. And, that’s the secret to extending the leading edge to our clients. See samples of our work which includes graphic design, mobile ready custom websites, custom publishing (magazines, directories, trade publications), branded printed materials, direct mail pieces, cover art, and more. We serve the Nashville area and support a number of clients in Knoxville, Murfreesboro, and beyond. Our boundaries of service are unlimited. We serve all of Tennessee, including Nashville Knoxville, Murfreesboro, and Memphis as well as national and international clients.

Use of Specialized Digital & Print Teams

Leading Edge Communications has discovered that using specialized teams in our Franklin location for each line of marketing proves most beneficial. All components of the marketing plan contribute to the ultimate goal of increased visibility and growth. Henry Ford got it right in the early 1900’s by having the expertise to effectively mass produce a superior product. The concept is referred to as continuous production or mass production. While we do not consider our advertising shop an assembly line agency, we do have specialized teams whose sole job is to perfect one strategy. For instance, our website designers need to be great at building and developing websites. We know our website design team cannot possibly keep up with the ever-evolving search engine optimization along with the latest trends in development techniques. Leading Edge has amassed a number of teams for this reason. The teams include print publishing, search engine optimization and marketing, website design, social media management, graphic design, and branding.