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Tennessee Notes


Nashville Ad Agency Publishes Tennessee Tourism Magazine

Marketing Strategy: Targeted Tennessee Audience of Customers — Affordable Rates — Consistent Message
Leading Edge Communications was tasked with targeting a state of Tennessee member audience and sharing a consistent message. Tennessee Notes, the official publication of the Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association (TnHTA), provided the opportunity to share your message directly with a target audience across the state of Tennessee.

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Glossy Tennessee Magazine Publication Released by Local Ad Agency

Each issue of this glossy, full-color, newsstand-quality publication will contain valuable information for hundreds of Tennessee Hospitality and Tourism Association members. Editorial content will include topics of concern to all hospitality & tourism professionals — as well as important news items and event coverage from TnHTA.

Nowhere else will you find a publication in Tennessee that reaches a more comprehensive breadth of hospitality & tourism professionals who are consistent purchasers of the type of products, equipment and/or services that your company offers. TnHTA members include:

Lodging Properties
Tourism Attractions
Vendors and Suppliers serving the Hospitality Industry
Other Tourism related entities

Nashville Ad Agency Supplies Educational Industry Data via Print and Website

This exciting new magazine has become a key and eagerly anticipated local Tennessee publication, providing valuable education and industry information to recipients four times a year. Readers can also access the online version through the Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association website. Archived publication issues online will ensure that your advertising will continue to be seen indefinitely, for long-ranging impact.

Don’t miss this opportunity to beat your competitors to the punch and be among the first industry suppliers to put your marketing message directly into the hands of current and prospective Tennessee customers! Our advertising firm is honored to play a part in designing and producing this valuable publication.

Total circulation: 2,300+

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Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association

Tennessee is known for its great hospitality and tourism, and we at the Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association (TnHTA) are proud to be the advocacy voice and source of information and education for the lodging, dining, and tourism establishments in Tennessee.

TnHTA’s goal is to provide the most effective support of this important industry for all hospitality and tourism related businesses. We continuously strive to be the strongest resource possible to our members and all of those businesses associated with hospitality and tourism in Tennessee.


Our Mission

The Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association (TnHTA) is the advocacy voice and key resource for information and education for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Tennessee.


Tennessee Hospitality Association: Our Purpose

The purpose of the Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association is to represent in an ethical and professional manner the common interest of members in the state’s hospitality & tourism industry, including political action and government relations, education and professional development, and industry advancements and development.


Tennessee Association Membership

The Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association (TnHTA) is a not-for-profit trade / advocacy association representing the Tennessee hospitality and tourism industry and its vendor industries. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, TnHTA represents more than 1,700 members including restaurants, lodging properties, attractions, destination marketing organizations, tourism partners, and vendors.

The hospitality and tourism industry is the second largest industry in Tennessee. As the industry’s primary representative, we are committed to meeting the challenges presented by the political, legislative, regulatory, and economic forces influencing our industry.

The Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association (TnHTA) fosters the success and profitability of the hospitality industry in Tennessee. By collectively investing in education, marketing, governmental affairs and information services, TnHTA offers many benefits and services for our membership.

For more information about membership, contact Lisa Bass, Director of Business & Membership Development, at (615) 385-9970 or


The Shotgun Approach

The shotgun approach — broadcasting your marketing message hoping it lands near some of your target audience no longer works. Tennessee Notes, the official publication of the Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association, allows you to narrow the focus and get your message directly in the hands of your customers across the state of Tennessee.

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We know that we can always count on you and Leading Edge Communications to give us a final product that we can present with pride to our members and guests. This year’s program was no exception.
The Leading Edge teamwork approach has assisted in taking our corporate marketing message far beyond what we have ever accomplished in the past.
I’m consistently impressed with the quality of the VTC Turfgrass Journal – both style and substance are truly impressive for a state association.
Thanks so much for taking care of me! This is an extraordinary expression of customer service in my opinion and I truly appreciate it.

Digital Edition

Sponsorships for the online version of the publication are available as well. Members can access the digital edition through the Tennessee Hospitality & Tourism Association website.

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