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Client: Tennessee Nursery & Landscape Association

Publication: Tennessee Green Times
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Tennessee Green Times

Targeted Audience of Customers — Affordable Rates — Consistent Message

There is no better way to reach an audience of horticultural professionals in the State of Tennessee than through Green Times magazine – the official publication of the Tennessee Nursery & Landscape Association. This niche audience consists only of qualified prospects in your industry.

The magazine is sent quarterly to each member of the TNLA, a professional network of:

Nursery GrowersGarden CentersSod ProducersLandscape ContractorsLandscape Architects

The magazine is one of the main benefits of membership — providing valuable research, education, and industry information to each member 4 times a year. Members can access the online version through the Tennessee Nursery & Landscape Association website.


The Tennessee Nursery & Landscape Association

The Tennessee Nursery & Landscape Association was founded in 1905 as an organization where nursery and other related industries would have the opportunity to share ideas, foster research and further educate our members in order to benefit owners, employees and consumers.

Throughout our 100 year history in Tennessee, TNLA has seen tremendous growth in membership and services provided. Because of this growth, TNLA has evolved into The Tennessee Nursery and Landscape Association, Inc.

Today, TNLA hosts an annual trade show, sponsors seminars, offers scholarships, lobbies legislative issues and more for our members. Currently, 440 companies profit through their TNLA annual membership. They come from every part of the industry: nursery production, landscaping, irrigation and lawn care.

Our goals include making every nursery owner, landscaper, and garden center owner in the state aware of our organization, and giving them the opportunity to benefit from the services provided. The ultimate goal of TNLA is to increase the production and marketing of Tennessee grown nursery stock.

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The Shotgun Approach

Broadcasting your marketing message hoping it lands near some of your target audience no longer works.
 Tennessee Green Times allows you to narrow the focus and get your message directly in the hands of your customers across the state of Tennessee.
The magazine is one of the main benefits of membership — providing valuable research, education, and industry information to each member 4 times a year.

Read our case study about the TNLA Green Times makeover!

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We know that we can always count on you and Leading Edge Communications to give us a final product that we can present with pride to our members and guests. This year’s program was no exception.
The Leading Edge teamwork approach has assisted in taking our corporate marketing message far beyond what we have ever accomplished in the past.
Bill Carraway, The Turfgrass Group
I’m consistently impressed with the quality of the VTC Turfgrass Journal – both style and substance are truly impressive for a state association.
Thanks so much for taking care of me! This is an extraordinary expression of customer service in my opinion and I truly appreciate it.

Digital Edition

Sponsorships for the online version of the publication are available as well. Members can access the digital edition through the Tennessee Nursery & Landscape Association website.

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