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Client: Qualitative Research Consultants Association

Publication: QRCA Views
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QRCA Views

Targeted Audience of Customers — Affordable Rates — Consistent Message

QRCA Members: 795 Experienced, independent research consultants in over 20 countries. New members join each month.

Research Buyers: QRCA offers complimentary subscriptions to research buyers around the world, helping them stay current on the latest in qualitative research. Interested individuals and companies request to be added to this list each month. This list currently includes over 1,200 individuals.

This insightful resource contains over 80 pages. Editorial content keeps the audience updated on important new technologies, industry issues, and the latest news and developments geared specifically for the qualitative field.

Total circulation: 2,800+


Qualitative Research Consultants Association

QRCA is a not-for-profit association of consultants involved in the design and implementation of qualitative research — focus groups, in-depth interviews, in-context and observational research, and more.

Our goal is to promote excellence in the field of qualitative research by pooling experience and expertise to create a base of shared knowledge.

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The Shotgun Approach

Broadcasting your marketing message hoping it lands near some of your target audience no longer works.
 QRCA Views allows you to narrow the focus and get your message directly in the hands of your customers across the qualitative industry.
 The magazine is one of the main benefits of membership — providing valuable research, education, and industry information to each member 4 times a year.

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We know that we can always count on you and Leading Edge Communications to give us a final product that we can present with pride to our members and guests. This year’s program was no exception.
The Leading Edge teamwork approach has assisted in taking our corporate marketing message far beyond what we have ever accomplished in the past.
Bill Carraway, The Turfgrass Group
I’m consistently impressed with the quality of the VTC Turfgrass Journal – both style and substance are truly impressive for a state association.
Thanks so much for taking care of me! This is an extraordinary expression of customer service in my opinion and I truly appreciate it.

Digital Edition

Sponsorships for the online version of the publication are available as well. Members can access the digital edition through the QRCA website.

Click on the cover thumbnail below to view the latest issue.

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