[title size=”2″]when it comes to your website, are potential customers clicking in or clicking by?[/title]

Franklin TN Website Designers:Wordpress & Custom

At Leading Edge Communications, our designers understand the importance of promotion and will help you be visible to your key demographic groups. In the past, having an online presence was all a business needed to succeed. That’s simply not the case anymore. Websites have to work harder than ever before, need to connect to social media, and have a low bounce rate, just for starters. In fact, Google says they need to be mobile ready in order to appear at the top of mobile search results for smartphones, tablets, iPads, and other smaller devices. Leading Edge Communications website designers have been building websites in Franklin TN and the entire Nashville area for over a decade and have switched to building mobile ready sites years ago. A custom or WordPress website offers everything you need to attract Google and other search engines, customers, and sales. Our websites are professional, user friendly, and stand out among the crowd. Structurally, they are built to allow the search engines to easily crawl them and to allow visitors to share your news with others (integration of social signals)

Websites Designed by Leading Edge (Franklin TN)

Social Media Management & Packages

A polished well-functioning website goes hand in hand with a great social media presence. How is your business social media presence? Is your Facebook content engaging? Are youre social media accounts attracting website visitors and followers? Our social media management creative team will both design and manage Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other social media platforms you use. We manage a number of social media account and take a unique approach to building a following and engagement. Our social media managers create unique content, respond to customer inquiries, connect with prospective customers, and increase exposure and engagement that drives both Search engine optimization and sales.

Website Design and SEO Analysis

We offer the full gamut when it comes to design and targeted traffic. In today’s world there is no silver bullet that brings you customers. It is a well designed plan using a combination of strategies that works. Request a complimentary online SEO and Website Analysis that measures and grades your entire site on a variety of search and performance levels. We’ll show you how you stack up against your competition and how a well-designed, search optimized website can really benefit your business.